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Marketing Club - MBA
Become a Well-Rounded Marketer
 The terms "co-creation" and "action-based learning" aren't just buzzwords that the Admissions department made up to attract students. The Ross MBA program offers a well-balanced academic curriculum of core courses to establish a general management foundation, along with more electives than many other top programs. The cornerstone of students' first year is a seven-week Multi-Disciplinary Action Project (MAP) that allows students to apply what they learned in class to solve business problems for top companies around the world. A large portion of the MAPs each year are strategic marketing projects that give Ross students a unique opportunity to acquire real-world marketing experience, in addition to their summer internships.

As a Marketer, you will feel confident that the Ross education provides the depth of functional Marketing knowledge that you need to succeed in your next job along with opportunities to gain a broad perspective and acquire additional experience in disciplines, such as Finance and Operations, that will be valuable in a strategic marketing or brand management career.

Visit the Ross Curriculum website for the latest course options. The Marketing Department's website also provides information about the MBA Marketing career path and details about electives. As a member, you can review our Club Frequently Asked Questions and post new questions to the club message board to get honest advice about the electives that your peers found most valuable.


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