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Marketing Club - MBA


What We Offer

Education: Upon approval of your membership, you will instantly gain access to our comprehensive Survival iGuide, which details best practices for the entire recruiting process, from exploration and networking, all the way to interviewing and accepting offers. The Club also hosts an education series throughout the year to complement this guide and fully prepare students for all aspects of recruiting.

Exclusive Access to Companies: The Michigan Marketing Club (MMC) offers trips to over 20 company headquarters throughout the year and brings in speakers through our Education Series and Marketing Symposium. We also facilitate mock interviews and resume reviews with recruiters and 2nd year club members before the interviewing season.

A Sense of Community: Learn alongside your fellow members at events like "Meet the Interns", happy hours, and our annual Halloween Party. You'll be amazed at how much less stressful it is to prepare for recruiting when you have a study group and the MMC's resources backing you up.