Name: Jillian Brown

Role: Brand Management - Marketing

Location: Denver, CO

Key Responsibilities: I created a recommendation on their coffee portfolio, which meant: working with a lot of cross-functionals, data analysis (from IRI mainly), trend analysis to see where consumer behavior is going, etc.

Favorite Part: Many things! I got to go the Wrexham US tour, since SToK is the official sponsor and learn first-hand how to set-up a promo/activation.

starshot capital

Name: Praveen Mahendran

Role: MBA Intern - Venture Capital

Location: Remote

Key Responsibilities: Led agricultural thesis research, with my primary project being food waste climate impact analysis. Was also involved in sourcing and due diligence for agricultural companies.

Favorite Part: Getting to learn about some impressive companies and meet some impressive founders.

nestle purina

Name: Josh Phan-Gruber

Role: Digital Manufacturing Specialist - Operations

Location: St. Louis, MO / Remote

Key Responsibilities: Worked on a project to looking at supply chain for a particular ingredient and find ways to reduce risk, cost & waste. Wound up initiating digital project that will be underway for ~2 years.

Favorite Part: Got to undertake real work and get a deep look at how a multi-billion dollar company manages its supply chain and the big messy problems that come with that. .


Name: Carter Purcell

Role: Global Sustainability Intern (EDF Climate Corps Fellow) - Sustainability

Location: Remote

Key Responsibilities: I launched a product carbon footprint pilot, engaging key ag and packaging suppliers on reporting product specific emissions factor data to PepsiCo.

Favorite Part: I wanted a role in "supplier engagement," so it was amazing to actually lead trainings and have real conversations about sustainability challenges with suppliers, while observing the sustainability engine of one of the world's biggest food companies.

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