Interdisciplinary healthcare extracurriculars

In addition to club-organized activities, many Ross MBAs pursuing a healthcare career participate in other healthcare-focused groups and organizations at Ross and at other top-ranked programs at the University of Michigan. Below is a list of these opportunities for hands-on healthcare learning.

Wolverine Venture Fund

The Wolverine Venture Fund is the world’s first student-run Venture Capital Fund, with a mission of enriching student education and achieving returns on invested capital. Since inception it has invested in more than 27 companies and increased its assets from $2M to $7M through M&A and IPO exits. Its current portfolio consists of over a dozen companies in industries including Health IT and biomedicine. For more information visit: Wolverine Venture Fund Website

William Davidson Institute (WDI)

The William Davidson Institute is an independent, non-profit research and educational organization focused on providing private-sector solutions in low- and middle-income countries. WDI’s Healthcare Initiative develops intellectual capital that helps increase access to essential medicines, vaccines and other health technologies in developing countries. For students interested in healthcare, WDI offers academic courses, sponsors MAP projects, hosts speaker series and provides global impact internship opportunities. For more information visit: WDI Website

Social Venture Fund (SVF)

The Social Venture Fund invests in and supports innovative companies that place social impact at the heart of their business model. SvF fosters the growth of enterprises responding to societal needs that traditional markets have insufficiently addressed. SvF invests in U.S. based businesses working in the areas of Health, Food Systems, Environment, Education and Urban Revitalization. For more information visit: SvF Website

Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund (ZLCF)

The Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund (ZLCF) is a student-run early-stage investment fund with the primary goal of identifying promising young startups in the University of Michigan community and surrounding areas and helping them build great companies. ZLCF focuses on companies in three main areas: healthcare, consumer and tech. For more information visit: ZLCF Website

at other top-ranked u of m programs

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Led by the School of Public Health, IHI offers hands-on consulting projects focused on healthcare quality improvement at Michigan Medicine and other provider organizations. Teams consist of students from the School of Public Health, the Medical School, and the Ross School of Business. For more information visit: IHI Website

Sling Health

A university-wide collaboration between graduate students from medicine, business, engineering, and arts & sciences, offering projects focusing on developing and commercializing medtech solutions. For more information visit: Sling Health Website


Led by the Biomedical Engineering PhD program, miLEAD offers hands-on consulting projects with local Michigan-based biomedical and pharma start-up organizations. Teams consist of Biomedical Engineering PhDs and MBAs from the Ross School of Business. For more information visit: miLEAD Website

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