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HLS delivers a diverse platform of opportunities and activities through which Ross students can learn about healthcare and prepare to succeed in the healthcare industry. HLS organizes academic, professional, and social activities for all Ross students who are interested in exploring opportunities in the different sectors of health care

Our club represents a broad group of students with a focus on a future career in the health care industry, and includes students from full and
part-time MBA programs as well as those pursuing a degree in other graduate programs, such as medicine, public health, and biomedical engineering.  We educate our members on current issues facing the healthcare industry, and help students interested in multiple functional areas learn about the companies that recruit at Ross and get excited about the industry. 

Our events are entirely student organized and consistently well-attended, including resume reviews, mock interviews, corporate guest speakers, and the HLS Symposium, which attracts over 250 attendees and 20 industry-leading panelists and speakers.





The Healthcare and Life Science (HLS) Club at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business is dedicated to preparing members for successful careers across all sectors of the healthcare industry. HLS Club members are ready to take on leadership roles in the industry and make a significant impact globally.




  • To provide excellent education programs to advance members’ understanding of the intricate and evolving issues of the healthcare industry and to prepare members to lead the industry innovatively and ethically.
  • To host meaningful networking events so that members develop a strong, responsive professional network.
  • To build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners with the goal of enhancing the career exposure and prospects for our members and enriching our corporate sponsors by providing them with access to a rich talent pool of students ready to take on the challenges of their companies.
  • To empower members with resources that allow for the pursuit of individualized short-term and long-term career goals.