MAP allows you to "dip your toe" into particular industries and functions during your time at Ross to help you figure out if this is the career path you want to pursue. It's a great way to gain experience, stretch yourself, and explore something different. Over the past several years, students have had the opportunity to make a tangible impact in the healthcare industry through their MAP projects.

In 2022, healthcare projects represented 12% of all MAP programs taking place across 3 continents.

highlights from 2022 healthcare MAP projects

aravind eye care system

Aravind turned to a MAP team for help in pursuing its mission of eradicating needless blindness.

Imperial life sciences

Evaluate the operational, environmental and financial factors that are having a negative impact on a clinic.


Design a new business model for the Patient Support Program in Brazil addressing the needs of patients, healthcare providers and clinics.

Busoga Health Forum

Conducted a market analysis and assessment in Uganda to evaluate potential products for commercialization in the treatment and management of diabetes.

VYNCA Health

Engaged in research, data gathering, and analysis to guide partnership opportunities within potential organizations selected by Vynca. Formulated a competitor framework that will help Vynca understand how to quickly assess adjacent organizations within the palliative care space.


Evaluated a pilot clinical program providing strategic recommendations that streamline and scale implementation, enhance user adoption, and optimize client outcomes.

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