What We Do

Simply put, the goal of the Healthcare & Life Science Club (HLS) is to provide resources and create opportunities to help MBA1s and MBA2s successfully start or continue a career in the healthcare industry. With that in mind, the club organizes and hosts multiple events each week throughout the academic year. Specific activities and resources are described below:


Weekly Healthcare Industry Education Sessions: Weekly industry-specific presentations to club members outlining major trends in healthcare subsectors (e.g. pharma, med device, provider, etc), preparing students to speak knowledgeably during corporate presentations and interviews

Lunch-and-Learn Seminars: Company-hosted case studies or healthcare education presentations, improving students’ understanding of company activities and further preparing for interviews with those companies

HLS Journal Club: A bi-weekly event offering small group discussions about trends and current events in healthcare

HLS Bootcamp: One-day intensive overview of the healthcare system before classes start in the fall, featuring lectures from Ross and School of Public Health faculty

HLS Mentorship Program: Mentorship program that connects MBA1s with Ross alumni working in healthcare, giving students another opportunity to build their healthcare network and receive guidance throughout the recruiting process


HLS Symposium: HLS club’s flagship annual 2-day healthcare event, inviting numerous healthcare companies and 150+ students to two-day event, including networking reception, keynote speeches, healthcare topic panels, networking breakfast/lunch, and career fair. For more information on this annual event, visit the HLS Symposium page

Interview Preparation: Behavioral fit and case interview workshops and company-sponsored mock interviews, helping prepare students to excel in internship and full-time recruiting efforts

HLS Recruiting Guide: Members-only guide to healthcare recruiting, including healthcare-targeted sample resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, frequently asked interview behavioral fit and case questions, as well as healthcare terms and trends glossary

Corporate Treks: HLS Club subsidized treks to healthcare company hubs, such as Minneapolis, Boston, and New Jersey


HLS Weekly Newsletter: Weekly member newsletter, highlighting HLS Club events and announcements, other related events around campus, as well as on-campus and off-campus healthcare job listings

Interdisciplinary Healthcare Extracurriculars

HLS partners with student organizations across the University of Michigan to offer interdisciplinary experiential learning opportunities. These opportunities range from working on a start-up med tech venture to consulting on provider quality improvement.

Case Competitions

Case Competitions: Company-sponsored case competitions, giving students the opportunity to help healthcare companies solve their immediate challenges and network with recruiters and hiring managers



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