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HLS Club delivers a diverse platform of opportunities and activities through which Ross students can learn about healthcare and prepare to succeed in the healthcare industry.

HLS Club organizes academic, professional, and social activities for all Ross students who are interested in exploring opportunities in the different sectors of health care.  Our club represents a broad group of students with a focus on a future career in the health care industry, and includes students from full and part-time MBA students as well as those pursuing a degree in other graduate programs, such as medicine, public health, and biomedical engineering. Our events are entirely student organized and consistently well-attended, including resume reviews, mock interviews, corporate guest speakers, and the HLS Symposium, which attracts over 150 attendees and 20 industry-leading panelists and speakers.


Involvement Opportunities

From early-September through May, the HLS Club presents a range of opportunities for company representatives to interact with students. We offer a variety of events and look forward to co-creating new ones that best fit your company’s needs. 

Corporate Presentations
Corporate Presentations are conducted at Ross from September through December in conjunction with resume reviews and mock interviews. They often serve to provide the firm initial exposure to the MBA1’s and can be used to gauge interest for the upcoming recruiting season. The HLS Club will work with the Office of Career Development to establish a date, time, and location for your firm’s corporate presentation.
Lunch and Learns
Lunch and Learns are conducted at Ross throughout the recruiting season in order to provide students with a clearer picture of company activities, typically through a case study or education session.  Companies are exposed to students interested in healthcare careers and have the opportunity to differentiate their culture and work process from competitors.  The HLS Club will work with the Office of Career Developed to organize your event.
Mock Interviews
Mock interviews are typically conducted by the sponsoring firm at the Ross School of Business on the same day as scheduled office hours, corporate presentations, or information sessions. A room is reserved and a representative from the sponsoring firm conducts the mock interview and provides feedback to the students about the interview for future improvement in 30 to 60 minute time slots. Over-the-phone mock interviews can also be arranged.
Resume Reviews
Resume reviews are typically conducted by the sponsoring firm at the Ross School of Business on the same day as scheduled office hours, corporate presentations, or information sessions. A room or private area is reserved, and a representative from the sponsoring firm discusses the students’ background and outlines areas for improvement of their resumes in 30 minute time slots. Resume reviews provide the firm exposure to the students and give the firm an initial glimpse into the qualifications of the upcoming recruiting class.
Healthcare & Life Science Symposium 
The HLS Symposium (September 20, 2013) is Ross’s premier healthcare and life science recruiting event. Sponsoring companies have the opportunity to interact extensively with students interested in healthcare and life science through a wide variety of events.
West Coast Forum
The West Coast Forum (October 2013) is aimed at students interested in working on the West Coast. The West Coast Forum provides firms excellent exposure to the students through intimate break-out sessions and small corporate presentations. Representatives from the sponsoring firms are available to answer questions and conduct on-site tours of Bay Area firms if interested. 
Social Events
As a means of getting to know students outside of the business-school setting, HLS members can network with corporate sponsors at events such as happy hours, bowling, and Whirlyball. 
Other Sponsorship Opportunities
Many additional sponsorships are available to firms that desire more exposure to the students at the Ross School of Business. Case competitions, education seminars (e.g. Medical Device 101), informal meet-and-greets, and trips to corporate headquarters can also be arranged.