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Healthcare at Ross


We are happy to see that you are interested in the Healthcare and Life Science Club at the Ross School of Business.  Whether you are new to the healthcare industry or continuing your career in it, you will find that healthcare is one of the most fascinating, challenging, and rewarding industries to work in.

Not only does a career in healthcare give you the opportunity to work in a continuously growing industry that is critically important to the economy of every country in the world, but also allows you to have an impact that can truly improve people’s lives.  Careers in healthcare cover nearly all functions that students at Ross are pursuing.  Still debating between general management and consulting? Not sure if you want to do product management or CPG?  Healthcare is a great place to focus your career as you decide since all of these options are available.  The members of the HLS club have a variety of career interests including:

  • Product Management (Marketing)
  • Consumer Goods Marketing
  • General Management
  • Consulting
  • Business Development
  • Venture Capital
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Human Resources


The HLS Club at Ross helps its members discover and pursue career opportunities across the healthcare landscape.  By joining the club, you will have access to many valuable resources and benefits such as:

  • Networking with Recruiters, Alumni, and Classmates
  • Industry education
  • Healthcare & Life Science Symposium
  • Leadership development
  • Industry and Career Resources
  • Healthcare Recruiting Guide
  • Mock Interviews
  • Career Workshops
  • Weekly Newsletter on Healthcare-Related Events on Campus