International Partners

Welcome International Partners! We are excited to have you in Ann Arbor! We are here to get to know you, answer your questions about international relocation and life in a new country, and welcome you to our diverse community!

PCAR would like to help you feel at home in Ann Arbor by creating a venue for making new friends and sharing similar experiences and concerns.

PCAR is a diverse group of people from different countries, cultures, and past experiences, but driven by a similar desire to make these two years in Ann Arbor interesting and fun.

We have prepared essential and useful information for International Partners, including visa and travel regulations, volunteer opportunities, English language classes, moving/traveling tips, international grocery stores in town, and more. We encourage you to use this information freely and check the PCAR website frequently for the latest information on events and programs.

We always welcome your ideas and opinions about our activities. We are here for you, and we invite you to reach out to us at any time for any reason!

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