Greetings from the Partners and Littles (PALs) Group!

PALs is the club for students and families at Ross. We're a community of families supporting each other through school and developing life long friendships. We welcome everyone to take part in some or all of our fun events and we hope you will come when you can!

PALs provides many different activities, including playgroups, gatherings at kid-friendly locations around Ann Arbor, a Halloween party, and a PALs graduation ceremony. Join our Facebook Group and GroupMe for updates on playdates, events, and to directly connect with other families.  We'll keep you updated on both planned and spontaneous outings to the park, the local library, Dairy Queen, the Hands-On Museum, and more! All partners, whether or not they are members of the Partners Club at Ross, are welcome to attend any of our PALs events. If you are a member, PALs will be happy to offer decreased costs for our scheduled events.

If you are expecting or have just had a baby, congratulations! We would like to know how we can best support you and your partner as you welcome your new addition. Please email Jenna Altepeter with your contact information and due date or birthday.

We've assembled recommendations for daycares, schools, activities, and more under the PALs Resources tab.

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