There are many events happening at Ross. Even if it isn't explicitely stated, partners are welcome at most Ross events - just ask to be sure!

  • Ross Major Events Calendar (or add to your Google Calendar), which is maintained by the MBA Program Office, shows all major events at Ross and is used to prevent scheduling events on top of each other that may have competing audiences (e.g. MBA Games, student-run conferences, commencement, major school speakers, etc.)
  • Ross CampusGroups Calendar (click the "Subscribe" button to see options for showing specific clubs' public events on your personal calendar) - be sure to log into CampusGroups because some events are only visible to logged in users. There are some events that are only be visible to students (not partners). This is usually unintentional, but be aware of it. You might want to look at your student's view of this calendar to get the big picture. And some events are only visible to members of a given club.

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