Benefits of PCAR Membership

1.  An Instant Network of Peers: Upon joining the Partners Club at Ross (PCAR), you will have access to a directory of all 175+ members, and you will become a part of our welcoming and supportive community. In addition to online connectivity and a plethora of in-person events, PCAR board members are happy to offer one-on-one guidance as you settle into the U-M community

2.  Access to Resources: The PCAR website contains suggestions for and links to sites about housing, careers, international relocation, local businesses and service providers, schools and other family-specific resources, and much more.

3.  A Robust Calendar of Events: PCAR offers a wide variety of events year-round for partners of all schedules and inclinations and their families. PCAR members receive free or discounted tickets to events. Additionally, members with event ideas are invited to work with the PCAR Vice Presidents of Events to propose, plan, and execute activities with PCAR's financial and logistical support.

membership fees

All memberships are good through May and are non-refundable. One membership includes a partner, a student, and their children! If you attend PCAR events subsidized for members, membership is an excellent investment! Incoming partners can register for membership beginning April 4th. Dues are as follows:

  • One Year: $75.00
  • Two Years: $139.00

NOTE: Dates and fees are typically updated each year in February or March.

*Based on Ross' eight-month academic year

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