Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Partners Club at Ross?

The Partners Club at Ross (PCAR) is a group that assists Ross School of Business partners, students, and their families with the transition to life in a university campus environment.

2. When did PCAR begin?

The Ross Partners Club was founded in 1995 by the loving partners of the University of Michigan's Ross Students.

3. Why should I join PCAR?

We encourage partners (and students!) to join because the club provides an instant network of friends and a variety of activities and resources. This informal network allows boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancé(e)s, spouses, and children to share interests and explore everything that the Ann Arbor community has to offer. The club organizes a variety of events throughout the year to help partners make the most of their experience at Ross, in Ann Arbor, and in Michigan. Membership provides partners and their students with many free or discounted events

4. Can my student join me at Partners Club events?

PCAR membership includes one partner, one student, and their children. Most events are open to partners and students and there are many events that cater to or include Partners and Littles (PALs)! Do keep in mind that during your student's first semester, they may quickly become very busy with classes, group work, case competitions, other club activities, recruiting, interviewing for summer internships, and "networking" at local MBA and other Ross hangouts. Not every student is super busy; it really depends on how involved they want to be and what is most important to them during their time attending Ross.

5. What activities and events does the Partners Club host?

Previous PCAR events have included:

  • Welcome Celebration
  • Resume Workshop
  • Apple Picking, Donuts, and Cider @ Cider Mill
  • Workout Classes
  • Coffee & Co-working
  • Couples Halloween Party
  • PALs Halloween Parade and Party
  • Pumpkin Carving/Painting
  • HOMES Brewery Tasting
  • International Friendsgiving
  • Holiday Party
  • PALs Valentine's Day Party
  • Wine Tasting

6. My student is not in the Full-Time MBA Program. Can I still join?

Yes! There are a number of graduate programs at Ross, and if you are a partner of any of them, we invite you to join. Other Ross graduate programs include: Global MBA, Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, Executive MBA, Master of Accounting, Master of Entrepreneurship, Master of Management, and Master of Supply Chain Management.

7. Can I attend a few events before deciding to become a member?

Of course! When you attend an event, let a club officer know that you are still deciding whether to join. At the beginning of the school year (August and September) it is okay for new partners to attend one or two events to decide if they want to join. We hope you do! We have a lot to offer and we have so much fun!

8. If I decide not to become a member, how can I remain involved with PCAR members?

Many PCAR events are open to non-members, typically at a higher cost. When you register for an event, we'll automatically email you about future events. We also welcome you to join the PCAR Members and Friends GroupMe and, if you have or are expecting children, the PALS at Ross GroupMe.

9. How do I become a member?

Sign-up here!

10. How can I sign-up and RSVP for upcoming events?

Once you are a member of the Partners Club, signing-up for events is easy! We announce all events by email (and most are also listed on our website).

11. Who do I contact if I have questions about the Partners Club?

Please send any questions to our current co-presidents, Lauren La Rosa at or Hannah Grover at

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